Conzilla - The Concept Browser

Editing Instructions

The following instructions are taken from the tutorial, for a more complete introduction read the tutorial instead.

Lets construct a new map, edit it (e.g. add some concepts and concept-relations), save it, and find the map again after we have restarted Conzilla.

Creating a Context-map

  • In order to create a new context-map, go to the File menu and click on "New map":

Attach:menunewmap.png Δ

  • A wizard pops up. Choose either a previously created session, or create a new one like it is shown here:

Attach:session1.png Δ

Attach:session2.png Δ

When creating a new session, it is enough to enter a name and click the "Finish" button. (Provided that you set a correct namespace in the collaboration settings, see the beginning of the page on how to get started on Publishing.

  • You will now see a new context-map in edit-mode and a metadata form where you can fill in information about the context-map.

Attach:mapinfo.png Δ

  • Fill in a title in the metadata form, then close the window. This example shows the title in several languages.
  • The context-map should now have the title you just entered at the top of the window. If you want to change the title later on, just right click in the background of the map and choose "Edit info".

Attach:readytoedit.png Δ

Editing a Context-Map

Lets create two concepts named 'Hello' and 'World' and an association between them:

  • Create a concept by choosing 'Concept' in the toolbar to the right and click in the map.
  • Create a second concept the same way.
  • Double click on the concepts to edit their titles, change them to 'Hello' and 'World'.
  • If needed move the concepts or resize them by single clicking on them and use the handles in the corners.
  • Create a association between the concepts by choosing 'Association' in the toolbar to the right and single click first the 'Hello' and second the 'World' concept.
  • If necessary the association can be arranged via the handles (new handles can be added to the line if the new handle button is selected in the top toolbar). The line can also be curved/straightened by choosing the curve line/straighten line option in the lines context menu (right click with the mouse on the line).

Attach:helloworldexample.png Δ

  • Finally, click the save button in the toolbar (looks like a diskette) in order make your changes persistant.

Opening a previously created Context-map

Attach:sessionbrowser.png Δ

Restart Conzilla, and click the "Session browser" icon in the toolbar. A list with session pops up on the left side. Click on the session's name. It will expand and show all context-maps and contributions (distinguishable by different icons) which you can directly open by double-clicking (open in the current view) or middle-clicking (open in new view/tab). For editing the map again, just switch to edit mode by clicking on the pen-icon in the toolbar.