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Code location and administration

The development is carried out at SourceForge, where you find the most recent development and released versions.

If you want to file a bug, feature request, or just ask a question go to our bug tracking system.



  • Conzilla2.0 - Lime Conzilla2.0 - Lime is the first (long awaited) stable version that uses RDF for storing context-maps, concepts, and content-components. There is also a lot of improvements in the user interface, both in the browse and the edit mode. This version is reasonably complete regarding functionality for browsing and editing context-maps with a single origin. However, some initial functionality exists for the collaborative building and exploring of context-maps, but this should be avoided unless you are an expert. The next version (2.1) will have better thought-through and tested functionality for this.
  • Conzilla2.1 - Collaborilla Conzilla2.1 provides improved collaboration capabilities. There will be a publication mechanism which makes use of WebDAV and a collaborilla server for storing information for later retrieval. In browse mode maps will be displayed with provenance information and the possibility to inspect extensions easily. Closely related, there will be a working bookmark system and a simplified export for achieving publishing on specific maps on the web.

Future Releases

  • Conzilla2.2 - Stylish Conzilla2.2 will include better support for stylesheeting context-maps. There will also be improved support for highlighting existing information from external sources in specific context-maps and applying stylesheets for graphics as well as selecting specific properties.
  • Conzilla3.0 - Foundation Conzilla3.0 will be a major overhawl of the inner workings. This will probably include switching to log4j, sesame for reducing memory footprint, keyboard shortcuts for everything, consistent localization, improved plugin architecture etc.

There are detailed lists of issues for each version in our bugtracking system.

Development directions

  1. Better support for stylesheets?.
  2. More diagram types?
  3. Better metadata profiles?
  4. Basic collaboration? support
  5. Advanced collaboration? support
  6. Search? in context-maps and concepts
  7. Storing stuff in metadata repositories?
  8. Improved presentational aspects, layers?, bookmarks?, context-specific metadata?, guided walkthroughs? etc.
  9. Light weight browsers? alternatives
  10. Built in support for formal modelling?, e.g. RDFS and OWL.

Understanding the code

Development History