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Conzilla 2.2.2


Conzilla 2.2.2 is a feature and bugfix release.

The major improvements since version 2.2.1 are:

  • Support for Collaborilla 1.1 and the new RESTful web services
  • Support for connections through HTTP proxies
  • Possibility to conditionally empty the disk caches
  • Fix for problem on MacOS which prevented to open URLs in web browsers
  • Fixed some NullPointerExceptions

Requirements and Installation

Conzilla 2.2.2 requires a Java Runtime Environment in version 1.5 or newer and can be installed via the download page. If you already have an installation of an earlier version of Conzilla it should be sufficient to launch Conzilla via the shortcuts. Java Web Start will then take care of the upgrade.


If you have comments or suggestions you can send them directly to the Conzilla mailing lists.