Conzilla - The Concept Browser

Conzilla 2.1 and Collaborilla 1.0

We just released our concept browser Conzilla in version 2.1 together with our collaboration server Collaborilla 1.0. Both applications are open source and have been licensed under the GPL.

The biggest changes from version 2.0 (Lime) are:

  • Support for collaborative conceptual modeling (publication of and contribution to maps), supported by the collaboration server Collaborilla.
  • Support for Dialogue Mapping.
  • Java Web Start support for easy deployment and maintenance.
  • Refurbished user interface and usability improvements.
  • Export of context-maps to the formats SVG, PNG and JPEG.
  • Bookmarking functionality.
  • Improved layer management.
  • Color theme support.

Conzilla 2.1 requires a Java Runtime Environment in version 1.4.2 or newer.