Conzilla - The Concept Browser

RDF is used for everything

Rationale for using RDF

Conceptual Browsing in RDF

  • The metadata is obviously very suitable to express in RDF since it is designed to handle many different kinds of metada.
  • The hyperlinks and contextual neighbourhood is basically just relations between resources.
  • The content is relations to specific resource that we treat as content and present with the help of their metadata.
  • To be able use multiple sources to enrich Context-maps goes hand in hand with the open world assumption of RDF and RDF Schema.

Integration with other tools

Clearly RDF is a standard that is gaining momentum, many tools can export into RDF and if they make use of standards, it is very probable that at least some of the infomration will be presentable in Conzilla using some suitable Annotation Profile?.

Why Conzilla2 is good for RDF

With the help of stylesheets Conzilla2 aims to be a very user friendly interface to quite abstract and verbose information. With the combination of graph and form based presentation we belive that we can bring forward the essential relations and still have access to the rest through forms.

Another important aspect is that Conzilla can present only parts of a graph in a Context-map. Conzilla2 can also present information from multiple graphs in one Context-map as well as making use of Schemas for populating drop down menues etc.