Conzilla - The Concept Browser

Conzilla as an Editor

Conzilla can be extended with plugins. The editor included in Conzilla is built as a (very large) plugin which can be left out if the need arises (such as when using the applet version for presenting maps in the web-browser).
The editor allows you to edit one Context-map at a time. To minimize the amount of configurations the editor makes use of sessions which among other things defines which information sources to edit.

To edit a map you choose edit in the file menu and then choose (or create a new) session appropriate to your needs. In edit mode you can:

  • Create new concepts and concept-relations from the list to the right (Observe that you can switch between different lists via the dropdown menu on the top of the list).
  • Organize the graphics in the form of boxes and arrows as well as specify text alignment.
  • Add content-components on concept and concept-relations.
  • Add hyperlinks.
  • Copy and paste individual or sets of concepts and concept-relations from one Context-map to another.
  • Edit metadata for the Context-map, concepts, concept-relations and content-components.

When finished editing, press the disk symbol among the buttons at the top, the Context-map will implicitly try to save all dependent information sources.