Conzilla - The Concept Browser

Inspecting content

What we mean with content

Additional to the metadata of Concepts and concept-relations it is possible to provide links to other resources. Such resources might play the role of examples, clarifications, discussions, vizualisations etc. and might be of many different types e.g. webpages, videos, books in a library, persons etc. For simplicity we call these resources content.

Content in Conzilla2

In Conzilla2 concept and concept-relations that have content are collored green (or brown if they also happen to have a contextual neighbourhood. This coloring can be disabled via the $LinkAlt button.

In Conzilla2 you use the context menu?, simply right click on the concept or concept-relation and choose view (unless it is grayed out which means that there is no related content on this specific concept or concept-relation). The effect is that a listing of content is shown on the right side of Conzilla2. Note that all other coloring of the concepts and concept-relations are turned off to further clarify which concept or concept-relations content that is listed now.

The individual content can be inspected through metadata popups (similar to how metadata is inspected on concepts and concepts-relations in the Context-map). You can force the metadata popup to stay open by pressing space-bar before it pops up on its own.

Content that happen to be retrievable, e.g. webpages can be clicked and will be launcehd in a content-browser (in most cases the web-browser).

Below, the startmap is shown with content for the Brew Coffe concept (of type UML ACtivity) showing to the right. One of the contents metadata is shown as well.