This article

This article is the definitive reference to 1.0 version of the design of the Conzilla browser for anyone interested in the functionality of the system. The content of this article has three main goals:

Thus, it is intended to be non-technical in the sense of not being a programming reference, and non-philosophical in the sense of not trying to motivate in other ways than technical and functional. Still, it is extremely useful as a starting point for any programmer interested in the project, and indispensable for anyone interested in how we manage to fulfill the design goals and what sort of beast Conzilla really is. It is, however, not a user manual; in fact, most users will be very happy not to know the details presented here.

Please note that this article is not just a passive piece of text. It takes an active part of the Conzilla project as an example of the usage of the system. The technical design and functionality is described in Part IV, Technical design of the article..